Residential Roofing Installation

Asphalt shingles being installed

Your Roof Installation Experts 

There will almost always come a time when the installation of a new roof becomes a necessity. Unfortunately, homeowners can’t always predict when that time will be. That can become a challenge when there’s so much to take into consideration with a new roof, from the materials you’re going to choose to the roof installation contractor you’re going to work with. Fortunately, when you’re searching for some help with residential roof installation in Peachtree City, GA, the team at Rooftops Unlimited can be there for you. If you’re ready to get started, just reach out by calling 770-415-2070.

When the Time Comes for a New Roof

How do you know it’s time for roof installation services? For those building a new home, or whose current roof has been severely damaged, that can be a fairly simple question to answer. However, deciding whether it’s time to invest in a new roof becomes far more of a challenge when there isn’t visible damage that can help you decide.

Fortunately, there are some things you can look out for that can help with determining whether it’s time to book roof installation services. One thing to bear in mind is that the first signs a roof needs to be replaced are going to show up inside rather than outside. Specifically, you are likely to see signs of water damage, mold or mildew growth, and similar issues in the attic. 

From there, a few things can be taken into account to determine just what kind of shape your roof is in. For example, it’s always smart to look at granule loss on shingles to determine their amount of wear. Other things to look out for include cracks or damage to roof flashing along with signs of possible moisture damage. 

Is a New Roof Necessary?

Getting a new roof installed is a bit of an investment, and as important as it may be, the idea of having to make this investment can make a lot of homeowners nervous. Fortunately, you won’t always need a completely new roof just because there are some signs of damage. 

A few loose shingles, some minor damage, and even a leak may be things you can take care of with a simple roof repair. This can save a lot of time and money, giving you more to invest in other parts of your home. Also remember that if you aren’t certain whether it’s time for a residential roof replacement, you can get a roof inspection to help you decide.

Note Your Roof’s Lifespan

It’s also a smart idea for any homeowner to note when their current roof was installed. If the roof was installed prior to your move-in day, see if you can find some information. By looking at the average lifespan of the roof you have – 20 to 28 years for a shingle roof, for example – you can make smarter decisions about whether a new residential roof installation is necessary.  

Superior Residential Roof Installation Solutions

Another thing to bear in mind, when seeking residential roof installation, is the type of roof you will be getting. There are now more solutions than ever if you are having a roof installed, from quality asphalt shingle roofing to metal roofing and more. The one thing to remember when seeking roof installation is to find a contractor capable of handling every aspect of the job. 

When you’re in the market for a new roof, we can be there to help you with every step of the job. From an inspection to decide if a new roof is necessary to installation for various types of roofing, we can be there for you. When you find yourself in need of high-quality residential roof installation in Peachtree City, GA our team can be by your side to provide the help you need. To schedule a consultation with our team at Rooftops Unlimited, call 770-415-2070 today.